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Haifeng Jin
I am the author of AutoKeras. I am a Ph.D. candidate at Texas A&M University. I work as a Research Assistant in DATA Lab with Dr. Xia Hu. My research interests are Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) and Neural Architecture Search.

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B.E. in Computer Science

Beijing Forestry University

I am interested in competitive programming. During my undergraduate life in Beijing Forestry University, I founded BFU ACM-ICPC Club in Beijing Forestry University, where I had a great time with a bunch of awesome people with the same interest.

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M.S. in Computer Science

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

You can feel an atomsphere of EECS any where on Campus. My co-workers are outstanding experts in their area, from whom I really learned a lot.
I joined the Public Speaking Club in BUPT to practice my English and public speaking, where I met many people from different majors and backgrounds.

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Ph.D. in Computer Science

Texas A&M University

In Texas A&M University, I am not in any student organization or club. I am devoting all my energy into research. During my study, I developed AutoKeras, which became the official AutoML API of Keras. I am getting involved in the open-source community on GitHub, and contributed code to Tensorflow and Keras.

Industry Experience

Mountain View, CA, Summer 2019

Research Intern

New API design and implementation of AutoKeras. Implemented HyperBand and Bayesian optimization tuner in KerasTuner.

Santa Monica, CA, Summer 2016

Software Developer Intern

Built a tool to automatically identify faked advertisement views. Developed a full-stack data processing pipeline rerunning tool.

Selected Publications
Auto-Keras: an Efficient Neural Architecture Search System

Haifeng Jin, Qingquan Song, and Xia Hu.
The 25th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. KDD 2019.

Discriminative Graph Autoencoder

Haifeng Jin, Qingquan Song, and Xia Hu.
IEEE International Conference on Big Knowledge. ICBK 2018.

Multi-Label Adversarial Perturbations

Qingquan Song, Haifeng Jin, Xiao Huang, and Xia Hu.
IEEE International Conference on Data Mining. ICDM 2018.

Honors & Awards
Bronze Medals in ACM-ICPC Regional

When I was in BFU, I actively participated in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) and won the very first ICPC medal in BFU history. I won three bronze medal in total.


Founder of BFU ACM-ICPC Club

I founded a student organization with my friends for preparing for ACM-ICPC. The work includes lecturing, promoting, and collaborating with other universities.


First Prize in NOIP

I started to participate in National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces (NOIP) from high school. Won the First Prize in Jilin province in my third year.


  Author of AutoKeras

During my Ph.D. study, I created an AutoML system based on Keras. It is now the official AutoML interface for Keras.


  Contributor to TensorFlow

I contributed to TensorFlow during my summer internship at Google. Fixed some bugs in the predict function of TensorFlow Model.


  Member of Keras Team

I am a member of the organization of keras-team on GitHub. I contributed to Keras, KerasTuner.