My Daily Routines

  Posted on 27 Nov 2015

The goal of this routine is to build three things: targets, dicipline, and fitness. I believe they are the key to success.

The targets need to meet three requirments:

  1. Condition: It has a clear finish condition to be reached.
  2. Small: If it is very big, it needs to have a hierarchical structure for breaking down to smaller tasks.
  3. Budget: Each atomic small task needs to have an estimated time budget, which should be no more than 3 hours. (If it is more than 3 hours, it needs to be further breakdown to smaller tasks.)

The defnition of decipline is as follows:

  1. Follow: Act following to the schedule.
  2. Revise: If anything break the schedule, revise the schedule then.
  3. Timer: Put on a timer during working time.

My routines are as follows.

Morning Routines:

Brush teeth with left hand. Do squat at the same time.

Right Before Working:

Read this article. List the important tasks to do today. Remake the schedule of the day. Right after making the schedule, take one minute to imagine the happiness of working hard, following the schedule and finishing the tasks, reaching my short-term goal, reaching my long-term goal.

During the Day:

Take a nap if needed, but follow the rules.

  1. No more than 30 minutes each.
  2. Set an alarm.
  3. The awake interval needs to be at least 2 hours.

Evening Routines:

Try not to do anything else besides this routine in the evening.

Do exercise right after arriving home. For doing exercise, the first choice is go to the gym. If cannot, do HIIT at home. If cannot, do some Burpee.


Review how I did during the day.

Read book until I feel sleepy.